Our History

Leste US Properties emerged from Leste Group’s vision to offer a unique access to real estate investments in the United States for Brazilian and Latin American investors.

Having invested in the North American real estate market for more than 6 years and allocated substantial amounts of proprietary capital from its partners, with physical presence in the United States and over US$400 million invested across several real estate products, Leste Group believed there was a latent demand for a vehicle that would enable any Brazilian investor – small or institutional – to access a booming real estate portfolio in the US.

Thus, Leste Group’s real estate investment team did extensive research and in-depth preparatory work and, in 2021, the concept for Leste US Properties materialized, becoming Leste Group’s main vehicle for real estate investments in the United States, enabling Brazilians to combine easily and efficiently their desire in real estate investing with their wish to invest in the United States.

Leste US Properties is a uniquely innovative investment company created to address a latent demand from Brazilian investors who previously did not have access to real estate investments in the United States.

Through Leste US Properties, Brazilian investors will be able to diversify their portfolios by investing in real estate assets in the United States while gaining US dollars exposure, without facing any restrictions to invest abroad.